A Co-Signer is held responsible for paying rent in the event the Primary Signer(s) fail to meet their financial obligations. In the event the Primary Signer is evicted or sued for non payment of rent, the Co-Signer will be made a party to that action. A Co-Signer must fill out an application and submit the following:

  • Non-Refundable application fee ($50.00 Cash)
  • Copy of current drivers license
  • Copy of 2 most recent check stubs


  • 1 year on current job (must be a W-2 tax paying job)
  • 1 year verifiable rental or mortgage history
  • Net income (after taxes) must be 4X’s the amount of rent
  • Live in the state of Alabama

Co-Signers can not be in an active bankruptcy and will be required to sign the lease within 48 business hours of approval.